Bininj Kunwok pilot 2016

Bininj Kunwok pilot 2016


In each unit you will have the opportunity to read texts in Kunwinjku language.

Many of these are taken from books created in Gunbalanya back in the days of bilingual education. Local literacy workers wrote simple stories in language to help the Bininj children learn to read and write in their own language, before transitioning into English.

Many of the books from this program have now been digitised and are available from the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages, with permission from the original creators. You can read the books online, download them to your device, print and share them.

This week, read the story Duruk kanan … which includes some of the language you have learned in this unit. In the vocabulary section you learned that Duruk kanan nganabarru means the dog saw the buffalo. See if you can work out what else the dog sees as you read this book. Use the pictures to help you work out the meaning of the new words.

You may like to keep your own list of new vocabulary.

To practise your pronunciation, try repeating the sentence after the speaker.

If you have Bininj connection, practise reading it with them, ask them to give feedback on your pronunciation.


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