Bininj Kunwok pilot 2016

Bininj Kunwok pilot 2016

Useful phrases

Each unit will include a set of useful phrases that can be learned and used with Bininj.

Listen to these phrases and try repeating them after the speaker.

Ngaye ngangeyyo Jill  Ngaye ngangeyyo Jill = my name is Jill

Ngadjare ngaborlbme Kunwinjku Ngadjare ngaborlbme Kunwinjku = I want to learn Kunwinjku

Kamak kanbukkan Kamak kanbukkan? = Can you teach me?

Yoh kamak bukkan Yoh kamak bukkan = Yes I can teach you.

Ngudda baleh kunkurlah? Ngudda baleh kunkurlah? = What is your skin name?

Ngaye kunkurlah ngarduk Ngalwakadj Ngaye kunkurlah ngarduk Ngalwakadj = I am Ngalwakadj (skin)

Yoh Yoh = yes

Kamak Kamak = good/that’s good

Ngudda kamak? Ngudda kamak? = Are you OK?

Mah bonj Mah bonj = That’s it/finish

Bobo Bobo = See you/goodbye

If you have Bininj contacts, practise using these phrases with them.