Bininj Kunwok pilot 2016

Bininj Kunwok pilot 2016


NOTE that since this pilot course was published, an online dictionary has become available for Bininj Kunwok – go to

This is the vocabulary you will need for this lesson. Listen carefully and try to repeat the words after the speaker:

VERBS (NOTE: these are not complete words on their own, they need to have a pronominal prefix (such as nga– or ka-) attached – this will be explained in the next session)



  • ngaye ngaye = I (1sg)
  • ngarduk ngarduk = my/mine (1sg_POSS)


SKIN NAMES (read more about them later in the lesson)

Ngalbulanj  Ngalbulanj Nabulanj Nabulanj
Ngalngarridj Ngalngarridj Nangarridj Nangarridj
Ngalwakadj Ngalwakadj Nawakadj Nawakadj
Ngalkangila Ngalkangila Nakangila Nakangila
Ngalbangardi Ngalbangardi Nabangardi Nabangardi
Ngalkodjok Ngalkodjok Nakodjok Nakodjok
Ngalwamud Ngalwamud Nawamud Nawamud
Ngalkamarrang Ngalkamarrang Nakamrrang Nakamarrang
Sample sentences